Artist’s Statement

“Do not touch” is a phrase continuously dictated to us when viewing art. Be it a museum sign, or a subtly placed suggestion in a boutique that sells items of fragility, we generally abide. Our hands and fingertips have the ability to seek out new terrain while communicating to our over-stimulated brains, pleasure or pain.

What creates a sensation of vulnerability in one may heighten the most intimate feelings in another. These pieces welcome personal exploration through visual stimulation and physical touch. By the appropriation of different materials in the fabrication process, as well as presenting jewelry outside the realm of industry standards, I hope to command the viewer’s perception of the craft object.

What one feels and experiences will ultimately create and define the meaning contained within this series My intent is to present jewelry as a vehicle for ideas, not merely a vessel for decoration and nostalgia.

About My Work
My work incorporates the traditional silversmithing techniques of holloware; raising, planishing, fabrication and soldering. Although my work is aligned with that of art jewelry and small sculpture, all of my pieces are wearable,thus functional, as jewelry.

By using materials such as rubber, nylon, fiber and plastic, combined with
sterling silver, copper and steel, my intent is to create a tactile and
interesting juxtaposition of old and new. Due to the nature of applying
these traditional techniques, I hope to also pay tribute to those
craftspeople who had the passion to hold a hammer to silver, copper
and steel, well before my time.

Jessica Davies was born in Mountain View, California and lives and works in San Francisco. She attended the California College of Arts and Crafts, where she received a BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts With High Distinction in December, 2000.

Teaching Experience
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA
Jewelry and Metalsmithing Course
Fall 2007
Spring 2004-Winter 2005

Studio One Art Center, Oakland, CA
Jewelry and Metalsmithing Course
Fall 2003-Spring 2005

Jessica Davies is accepting commissions and is available for
teaching private lessons.

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